Acai Berry Side Effects - Truth about Acai Berry Side Effects

Acai Berry Side Effects

The recent studies that were performed on the natural acai extract, the nutrient rich part of the fruit, have returned no results that would indicate signs of possible acai berry side effects. Over a dozen separate and independent reports also have been conducted and revealed the same results as the research provided from the major health labs. Although researchers and health experts have concluded that there are no harmful acai berry side effects from consumption of the fruit, that doesn't mean the possibility of experiencing side effects are eliminated. None of the following are necessarily negative acai berry side effects, but can be unintended if products are used in greater (much, much greater) than recommended dosages.

acai berries side effects

Appetite Supression

For many people, a decreased appetite is not a side effect at all, and many pills are bought that do that exact thing as their primary task, rather than a side effect. Therefore, while the acai berry is a greater cleanser because of the high fibre, and while it can remove toxins from your body and replace them with healthy vitamins, minerals and acids, it will also cause you to lose weight. That appetite suppression side effect means that you get healthy, and you get trim, without having to jump on some fad diet that may or may not work out properly for you. When people talk about acai berry side-effects, they must understand that the fruit is similar to other fruit. In fact, till now, it has only one side-effect namely reduction in appetite.

It should be noted that to experience the side effect of appetite suppression from the acai berry, you have to consume a lot of acai berries. Of course, with something that tastes so good and has so many benefits for the body, it may be hard not to have a lot of it. Therefore, the acai berry side-effects may be common for many people, but at least it is beneficial to the body and to those who want to be healthy and to lose weight. The approximate dosage required to experience the positive weight-loss benefits from the Acai Berry Pure Pills sold on this website, are 3 pills a day, with your meals for greater absorption. The Acai berry side effects are seen though they are not harmful. They can easily be prevented if the fruit is consumed within the recommended dose, and suggested use.

Increased Energy Levels & Stamina

It does induce a stimulant effect due to its theobromine content, giving you improved energy level throughout the day. Aside from being a perfect source of nutrition and carbohydrates, the high levels of antioxidants in the acai berry lead to a drastic increase in energy levels and stamina. However, it may be wise to avoid taking it in large doses (over 9-10 pills a day) if you have stimulant intolerance, otherwise you may feel palpitations or difficulties in falling asleep. Even these conditions were found to be extremely mild, and were not present after 2 to 4 hours. That is about all that could be expected from the consumption of the acai berry while at the same time you can expect other health benefits. These side effects are seen only if you constantly take the fruit in much higher quantity than recommended.

acai berry side effects

Consuming Other Forms of Acai

Many of today's acai products such as juice, wines and many others contain additional ingredients and additives that in some cases may alter the natural form of the extract. For example, many acai juices include flavor enhancers and extra sugar additives to sweeten the taste of the juice. Depending upon the combination of ingredients you could possibly experience side effects, however, in most cases that only pertains to acai products that relate to weight loss or detoxifying. The best way to be assured that you will not experience any side effects is to purchase all natural acai berry supplements from an authorized distributor and you can be confident you are receiving a high quality product.

Pure acai berry pulp, acai berry juice, and quality acai supplements, will be completely free of any negative side effects. This website only sells the finest acai products, which contain 100% pure, organic and natural acai berry.

Reasons for Mild Acai Berry Side Effects

  • It is a natural berry which has been used for decades and it has been thoroughly researched prior to being extracted commercially.
  • There is no laboratory processing, the only processing ever done is dry freezing its pulp and skin and grinding it into powder.
  • The acai berry is a natural fruit, not a chemically processed or a genetically engineered product.

We take pride in the information we provide you with. The information on this website is a product of immense research, please see our reference list to see where we came to these conclusions from.

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