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Each bottle of our organic pulp puree is equivalent to approximately 3.5lbs of the highest solids pure unfiltered unclarified highest quality organic and kosher acai pulp, dont be misled by other products that are nothing more than a splash of low grade acai filled with water and other fillers. 1-2 oz per day, great straight up in a jigger shot glass, right out of the bottle, add to your favorite juice, smoothie or use as a salad dressing, pour it over your pancakes in the morning or over your granola. Shake, chill and serve. Consume each bottle in 30 days. Always keep chilled for best taste and shelf life. Bottles must be refrigerated after opening but we recommend chilling each bottle for at least 2 hrs in the freezer before serving for best taste. Don't be alarmed by the omega oils this is the good stuff. Sweetened with just a splash less than 1% of organic and kosher certified concord grape puree to bring out the full body taste of the acai.

99.99% love it including kids! Organic and Kosher certified. Excellent antioxidant and immune system booster plus great for rehydration and long term energy without the crash. This product is also an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Recommended if your a liquid person, are close to home and don't mind storing a few bottles. Remember this is a health and wellness product that is all natural and organic, not to sweet, just right. Original product that started it all. All time best seller. We bet you won't stop at just 1-2 oz a day!

Suggested Use: 1-2 ounces daily.

Check out our recipes to see the many ways you can enjoy this product!

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Ingredients: Organic Acai pulp Puree, Organic whole concord grape pulp NOT GRAPE JUICE (used to enhance flavor in place of sugar) natural flavor, no preservatives. Flash pasteurized to maintain shelf life.

Allergen Information: Packaged in a facility that also handles tree nuts.

Product of Brazil

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