Acai Berry Product - Acai Berry Pure Penta capsules-Pack

Acai Berry Pure Penta capsules-Pack

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Each bottle contains 120 capsules of 500 mg (60 grams total). Purchasing this item will give you 5 bottles (600 capsules).

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The penta-pack of acai berry pure contains 5 bottles of pure acai berry. This is the number one choice for our regular acai berry consumers, and most often our international customers as well. There is a total of 600 capsules included in this combo, and should provide you with at least a 3 month supply of the best selling supplement. These pure acai berry capsules can also be taken daily to meet the nutritional requirements of the body. Pure acai berry capsules can help your digestion, one of the most important bodily functions. Taken in the right doses, acai berry capsules can help give your immune system a boost, making your overall health better and more likely to stay that way.

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Suggested use: 2 to 6 capsules daily.

Storage instructions: Store unopened container in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

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