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Take advantage of our special Boutique Power Combo and get two bottles of Acai Berry Pure and one pack of Acai Berry Power Extract for only $99.99!

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Acai Berry Pure is made from 100% pure freeze dried acai berry pulp and skin. The care taken in harvesting and processing results in the highest ORAC value of any acai supplement on the market, at 580 umole TE per each 500 mg capsule. The freeze drying process allows it to retain its taste, aroma and color, and unlike other products which may be spray/drum dried or marketed as extracts, it contains the most concentrated natural form of all the acai nutrients.

Acai Berry Power Extract comes from the low-lying coastal areas of Brazil. Due to the delicate nature of the berry, the fruit is transported immediately after harvest where it is hand-inspected for quality. The whole berries are then freeze-dried and low temperature milled to ensure maximum nutrient content, resulting in a powder that is both nutrient-rich and easily integrated into your favorite recipes. The only ingredient in our wonderful Acai Berry Power Extract is pure 100% organic acai that is also certified kosher and vegan.

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